I am an Engineer who loves to pen down simple thoughts juggling in my mind. Being Indian, I love spices, art, colors, celebration, beliefs and emotions. On a personal annotation, I always hold a novel, my earphones, a notepad and a black pen with me. I enjoy reading fiction, especially romance and suspense genre. I love the heavenly smell of new books.

I am not a perfect extrovert, but I love exploring new places with friends and sometimes alone. I usually end my day with a walk with nature. I really adore the early morning sun and the staring nights. Nature is a true bliss. I enjoy humor and try to make ambience happy. As my friends call me, I am a shopping freak, bit carefree, tea addict and over thinker. I’m much interested to check out photography stuff around the web in my free time. I want to read and travel as much as I can in this one lifetime. I dream of writing a novel with love of my life, painting my room and creating a wall of memories.


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