My Happy-ness to Healthy-ness

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I was about to hang up call when my sweet little cat-cum-mommy asked her usual question, “What did you have for dinner?”. I sighed and rolled my eyes up to think of something healthy to tell her. “I ate corn chaat in snacks and yeah for dinner we had rice-curry, by the way how’s dad?” I tried changing subject.

“And what about fruits?” she asked further paying no heed to my silly queries.

“Yeah mom, I brought mangoes and will eat them all tomorrow,” I replied with childlike excitement.

 Though my mind flickered through the junks I ate today. Somedays I just don’t stop myself and they’re mostly Fridays. Because Friday are for fun and it’s always good to have a day of total madness, not only in terms of food.

Now, coming back to healthy world of mine, I should start with morning stretching. I have a habit of stretching my body slightly as soon as I stand up from bed. Otherwise my day where I sit for long hours in front of computer makes my body soar and stiff to a next level. I could have said it’s all in mind but recently I came to know from an article in TOI that it’s really good to do so. It increases flexibility of our body and much more which I obviously don’t recall. In short, I was happy that such a small effort carried gave so much to my body.  So this is my first way of loving my fitness.

After a quick stretching of less than a minute, I drink water that I kept beside my bed. This is something my mother always made me do. She used to come with a glass of water and lots of kisses to wake me up. Now, being away from her I miss her forehead kisses but not her advices. Believe me, this may sound stupid to drink water on empty stomach but it’s really effective. And not to forget it makes me to rush towards washroom. In this way, I complete my two baby steps towards health.

Now, I must tell you about my window to another world that keep me happy and healthy. I really adore it. It’s like my all-time buddy. It has made me see so many things also through it. The view it holds is of far off mountains and its front have farms with small cottages. And a river running towards it. When I write this, it seems I am talking of something unrealistic as I have lived in a place too crowded i.e., Delhi. It always makes me feel blessed to look outside the window. I love when mountains seem to grow beards of clouds in monsoon or when wind makes the whole farm dance. But the high wall between our stupendous society and this nature’s picturesque makes me think how close happiness is, always to us but we forget to climb off our wall of self-made vex. Apart from my introspection, they make my eyes go green with their soothing shines. This is another important aspect for my ways to healthiness i.e. to connect to nature. My third way.

I suffer from neck pain. Partially due to my reading habits and partially because of my IT job. This irritating type of pain first creeped inside me a year back. Initially, it was unbearable and kept me awake at night. I used to keep on changing sides but my buddy bed couldn’t lead to sleep. Finally, I consulted our family doctor, Anil Uncle. I admire him because he always makes my problem appear timid. He never says big medical stuff in front of me instead offers me smile with a little paper on which he writes my prescription as short as possible. Though this time, he told me strictly to do easy neck exercise he taught me. On my way back home, I was dreaded to think I have to do exercise daily.  Somedays I missed it in lieu of some extra sleep but as the end of the day proceeded, my neck started wailing. So, with passing days I understood it was a compulsion for me. And after so many months I  got accustomed it. All seem difficult when we first encounter it; it just need a strong determination to not give up at any cost. This is my fourth thing to ensure health which I adopted due to its emergent need. This made me realize that with growing age and work pressure, need to take care of our health increases. Like in office, I try to drink green tea once a day while in office. I am avoiding it since I shifted to a new project. So with this article I am compelled to start it again. ** Wish me luck, Because its taste sucks**

My fifth and last note in healthiness is to smile big and speak out your mind even when it seems silly. but don’t fear to be judged because in the end people are always gonna judge. Live your life your way.

In the end, I learnt these few ways for my healthiness with time. It didn’t happen in one day. I used to be a weak child and when I first left home, my mother was anxious of my well-being but I feel proud that now I have learnt how to be dependent on my own self for being fit. I am no more selective about food. I keep track that I sleep at least 7 hours a day and I do enough walking to ensure I just don’t sit on my office chair while my belly swells like balloon. These are small things but it does matters as my mom says we all have long way to go but without good health we will be tired halfway. Taking Stairs instead of lift may look tedious job but ladies, it’s really good for us to maintain ourselves with small efforts than waking up in morning, leaving all tasty food, eating boiled tasteless salads and running on treadmill. On a advisory note, a fit figure is far more attractive than a zeroed one. So, get up; put some efforts in your own way even if you like want to gym then just go before you’re in urgency of doing so. It’s never good to an extremist even for health. Make balance and enjoy life. Because it’s just one for every one of us.




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  1. I really liked your style of writing. That’s 2 and a half minutes well spent for me 😀
    1. The view from your window is really breathtaking #iamjealous
    2. You need to acquire the taste for green tea. Try lemon honey will help 🙂

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