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Raksha Bandhan : A promise

I have always believed, everything is more clear when we have a clearer background for it. So before I share a short film here for first time, I would like to give an insight on its making.

When you work you got to meet all type of people. In fact, whenever we step outside our comfort people we meet people like us and people who are completely strange to our side of world. Few month ago, I was shifted to a new project at work so a new team came along. I felt the same monotonous atmosphere around my space there. I don’t like IT people easily being an IT person. That’s my life irony.

But with time’s moving train, I got to know my fellow mates and to my surprise they not only talked about the issue in our web applications but also about the real world outside this hallow place. They talked about lives, music and art. In short, they valued emotions and tried creating happiness apart from technologies.

So, when they asked me to be part of their work, I couldn’t refuse.

The video below is for an auspicious occasion of keeping a promise between brother and his sister i.e., Raksha Bandhan. I hope this video make you realize dreams and promises are not meant to be broken.

Happy Raksha Bandhan!


And yes, I enjoyed working with them. They gave me a whole new perspective of creativity, a short film.






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Thank you!

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